Electronic Security

CCTV Security MonitoringUtilizing the latest in video technology and years of experience, we can provide you with the tools to manage all your video security issues, from a single camera installation covering a rear-shipping door to an office tower requiring a well coordinated approach to every aspect of corporate security.

Video coverage should be considered an integral part of any operation. As with any security system, video should be designed to first discourage an event and then to assist in resolving an issue should one occur.

Security costs have to satisfy your corporate bottom-line.  C2 Security always attempts to integrate the various security systems you have into one effective management tool for both immediate and future requirements.

Remote video systems are also increasing in popularity as a tool for monitoring remote locations. Whether in the next city or on the other side of the world, they offer tremendous advantages. Recent breakthroughs in video storage and data transmission are making remote video a viable option in any corporate system.

Across the hall or across the country, we can supply the equipment and or design services you require.